Version 0.3.1 Hotfix (Twice)

I figured this would happen, but version 0.3.1 was a little too quick. I have re-uploaded the files (and once again), so if you encounter the first two issues, you may fix it by downloading the game again. Sorry for the inconvenience!


  • Meerbrücke was made unplayable due to an oversight when "Speed Assist" was added
  • (EDIT: 7/5/21) Due to the same oversight, randomized CPUs on Test Circuit were not initialized properly
  • Wet "stone" surfaces (Test Circuit) did not behave as being physically wet


  • Speed Assist is now disabled when in reverse gear

Files 47 MB
Jul 05, 2021 46 MB
Jul 05, 2021 48 MB
Jul 05, 2021 48 MB
Jul 05, 2021

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Any chance we could get a MacOS build? =)

Sure. :)  I would like to, once I work out a kink I ran into the last time I tried to export one. We do have a Mac handy for me to figure it out.