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A work-in-progress on a realistic driving simulator with a powertrain, suspension, and tire simulation written in GDScript.

Drive in a free session, race against the CPU(s), or race a friend in two-player split screen. Race around a circuit, or in a neverending high speed drag. Scale slopes with 4WD. Dart around cones and barriers, or test your drifting skills.

  • Advanced simulation compared to Godot's built-in Vehicle nodes
  • Detailed drivetrain model including multiple differential types, clutch torque effects, and automatic shift logic
  • Custom suspension and tire model accounting for details like suspension geometry and tire flex, including a live display of forces (Ctrl+F)
  • Adjustable steering feedback and assistance for a range of playstyles
  • Create and share your own autocross/gymkhana or drifting courses
  • Zero to two players; up to six vehicles with CPU drivers
  • Four tracks/maps and five vehicles to choose from
  • Night driving/racing and more, with 24-hour lighting, weather options, and simulated cycles for the sun, moon, and stars
  • Analog gamepad support and an in-game menu for rebinding controls
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Racing
Made withGraphicsGale, Wings3D, Audacity, Godot, Bullet (Physics Engine)
Tags3D, Driving, gamepad, Local multiplayer, Physics
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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GDSim_041a_linux64.7z 43 MB
GDSim_041a_linux32.7z 43 MB
GDSim_041a_macos.7z 51 MB
GDSim_040a_win64.zip 49 MB
GDSim_040a_win32.zip 48 MB
GDSim_040a_linux64.zip 49 MB
GDSim_040a_linux32.zip 50 MB
GDSim_040a_macos.7z 51 MB

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Hi Wolfe!

This might sound really strange, but we were wondering if we could use the GDSim logo on as a "sponsor" on our sledding team (In our friend group league)? You don't need to do anything else than just give us rights to use the photo. The photo under is a visualisation of how the sled could look like. 

as we say in Finland: ystävällisin terveisin,


Sure, go for it! I'm flattered.

Ystävällisin terveisin,


Hi, do you have any idea what the theoretical best lap time is at Test Circuit (Inari CA2 GT-S, dry, no setup changes). I have managed to do a 1.07.162

Thanks for the game, I'm really enjoying it!


Also I had about 15 liters of fuel when I completed my best lap.

Hi, I hope this is an appropriate question to ask here and apologize if not. I'm following your forum posts to the best of my ability using Godot 4. For the most part everything works, however the car is constantly applying z-force in opposite directions, alternating between positive and negative regardless of the actual z-velocity. Is that expected? It causes the car to sway back and forth when idle, and causes the kph reading to fluctuate wildly.


It sounds like everything might be working as expected -- this type of equation for tire forces is undefined when a wheel is at rest, because it is defined by slip/deformation. Under this model, a relaxed tire never really rests; it oscillates between gripping one way and another.

I recommend a minimum physics tick rate of 120Hz to mitigate the inherent error. Shorter intervals are better, at the expense of CPU. Then...hiding/clamping the fidgeting by brute force. The latter is a programmer's art. I owe a devlog to explain how I've addressed that problem, by request.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Looking forward to that post.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; for Godot 4, you should try the Godot Jolt physics addon. That might help your problem by itself.

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Hi Wolfe!

Are you planning to finish Runabout, as it says WIP after the name? It would be nice if the track had braking points, because it's kinda hard to know when to brake. Thanks for responding to the last text!


The cars and tracks in this prototype will be left as they are. I have adapted the simulation fresh to Godot 4 for improvements.


Here's Bahrain International Circuit made by me and my friend, if someone wants to download and play it! The spawnpoint spawns you facing south, so you need to turn right at the start of the session, but we're trying to fix it. If you know how to fix it, please tell us. Also if it's possible, it would be awesome to have the track in the base game someday. ;)


The way the checkpoint system works, the car is intended to point at the first checkpoint at the start (brightest gray/white). That didn't work as expected either, because the start/finish position was the wrong size/color. I cleaned that spot up and added one checkpoint to orient the car. 👍

Thanks for this!!!


Hi! I was wondering if I can change the setups from the "setups" folder files? Me and my friend love the game, (playing on our school laptops, in school) and we're making tracks to autocross. Thanks for making the game!

Hello! Yes, you can keep a collection of setups there. There are some instructions in the files. If you modified a file, to get the default values back, simply rename/delete the modified file. When the game does not find the original file, it will create a new one. :)

I'm glad you're enjoying it!


is it ok if I remodel your test track in gdsim and use it for my game as a thank you?


That would be lovely, especially if you include an attribution! Go for it.👍

ofc bro, thank you <3

The game does not work for me. I am using MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit Linux system. Also the Windows version does not work using Wine 1.6.2-20.

I would like to point out that I can play BMW M3 Challenge, Jet Racing Extreme, ManiaDrive and Trigger Rally with my system. So the performance of my hardware should be enough.

(1 edit)

Thank you for the detailed report. Unfortunately, it appears Godot Engine 3.3.2 will not run on your PC without updates.

By the way, don't let GDSim's graphics fool you; it will not run well on an older PC. I am working hard to improve that aspect for next time. However, you will probably still need software updates to play. 🙂

In the future I will try to suggest suitable minimum requirements. 👍

I have played games on my computer that were created with Godot Engine 3.5.


goodjob that game was fun keep it up buddy👍

oh now i found out how to move i was just not clicking z or a thats why i couldnt move

how do i move?

im on mac and it keeps on saying that this file is damaged when i want to open 'GDSIM'


Right, I am aware of this.

Unfortunately, because I am not an Apple developer, I cannot properly sign the app. I also do not have Mac hardware for testing or proper support. For GDSim, you may use the following instructions.

Because of this, I have decided not to export to MacOS in the future. Sorry!



Oh thats ok, thanks for replying though

Hey i am doing the same kind of thing but with bikes. I first tryed useing the vehichle body node but the pysics behind that are quite weird. So i have decided to go with custom implemetation. Any idea how I could do this

An accurate bike sim that is fun to play is going to be a very steep challenge. I recommend abstracting the idea and making something arcade-style in design, but with realistic performance. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to prevent the bike from being erratic and difficult to control.

Which kind of implementation you use depends on how you want the bike to feel. Maybe a rolling sphere 🙂:


Hi yes I am looking for an inbetween. I looked into the rolling sphere however it faces a few problems. First of all the kids can code using move and slide woth snap. the code also tends to keep u on the ground. whereas I am going for a more descenders like option. realsitic but fun when youget used to it. Also I dont really like the whole drifting idea. 

You can try just about anything you can imagine; how it looks and feels depends on how you tune it and animate it. Maybe a sliding capsule shape is what will work for you.

Hi thanks. I have recently started using vehicle body node but whenever I ride up to a jump it treats it as a wall, and kind of glitches. for now I am getting over this by using the KidsCanCode align with surface code 

Wow bro its a really good game, but, why don't you make it more realistic? I mean, for example, if you brake without pressing the clutch, the engine just slows down and turns off. Or that starting the engine accelerates, and if you start it with a gear it moves. They are just ideas that maybe improve the game. Still very good, congratulations!

Sorry if the translation is not good, I don't know much English.


bro add more maps like highway and city make the game bigger pls

its very good btw 😗

Thanks! I have been investigating how I can make a bigger game by myself. 👍 And networking, so maybe I wouldn't have to. 👀


But if you make it bigger, it will become a popular game and everybody will love it 🙂👍 keep going 🔥

Excuse me but how do you make the car move? im on PC and I've changed the key bindings but nothing seems to be working.

is there any way I could add my own car?
maybe modify one of the existing ones to go faster?
im interested in learning godot and feel modifying this is a good starting point.

I wrote a thread for GTPlanet that shares much of what went into making GDSim:


You can also check out Dechode's advanced vehicle controller, which used my GTP thread as a resource:


hi wolfe, dumb quesition but, have you ever gotten a car to get past 170 mph? 273 kph.


Zero doubt it could. I just haven't released anything yet with a car more powerful than the one I know you're talking about. :)

Technically the wheels are limited to +/- 500.0 radians per second of rotation, just to keep the values from exploding to infinity in case anything goes wrong.

did you hardcode the limitations somewhere? can I somehow bypass them? like make it 1000 rad/s instead of 500?


It's hardcoded and equates to about twice the speed you reached with the BJT.

I could make it anything I want, but whatever it is ought to be beyond reach.

(1 edit)

oh so 280 mph, also I figured it out, it has to do with the tire values themselves beraly 170 and now I can reach 200 with ease

EDIT: 240, the speed of the mclaren f1, finally achieved it.


You and the other Godot dudes like Jreo are wizzards, seriously.


Thanks! 😊

I am driven by the desire to play something that doesn't exist; an unscratched itch I've had for years, inspired by games I grew up with. It's plain determination, and feedback like yours means a lot. 🙏


great game



there is a ramp in the bridge over the sea

i flew the bmw


anyways this game is of my favorites on itch

thank u so much:):):)  


Thank you for the kind words!

My development time since the last devlog has been consumed learning how to do things better, faster, and bigger. I intend to post an update this week on what I'm doing and the gist of what I'm planning.


I'm very glad to hear that


if what I posted was too far fetched, maybe focus on making it multiplayer


you could add car damage and new maps and cars

(would be nice if police AI and NPCs can be included)

Keep Up The Good Work

Can you use a steering wheel to play the game, like a thrustmaster or logitech wheel

Unfortunately, the game engine I am learning does not yet offer proper force feedback wheel support. The device should still be recognized, but there is no FFB and some buttons may not register (making H-shifting unavailable yet).

Be sure to adjust the control settings for wheel input, as they are set up for an analog stick by default. Recommended:

Steer Rate = 1.0

Self Align = 0.0

Speed Assist = 0.0

Steer Curve = 0.0

are there any mods?

would love some, like police ai, other cars and more

(psst if there are any people who can do that, try.)


this looks amazing. its fun to play! i'm excited for more updates.

is this open source?


It's not open source, but I wrote about how it's made here, with links to resources.


Absolutely love this project, glad to see posted development updates, really helps those of us working on our own vehicle chassis'.

i cant get it to work,i looked at controls and am pressing the buttons to go and nothing im just stuck in neutral 


Let's get the straightforward question out of the way first. :)  Did you shift into gear?


i did ,I figured it out though for some reason it thought I was using a controller and i had to change it so it knew i was on a keyboard 

Ah, yes. I set the keyboard driving controls to be player 2 by default, so split screen racing could be ready to go out of the box. Glad you figured it out!


gut sup


Nice physics, you can make it like a sim racing game with the same graphic style, with a lot 80s and 90s car and tracks, more tracks, and optimization.


Thanks! :)  The plan is to take what I've learned here and eventually invest it into a fresh project with a larger scope.

But really needs a lot of optimization


I will do what I can. You can improve the framerate with options in the "Display" panel -- changing the resolution scaling ("3D Scale") helps a lot. It makes the game low-res without affecting the HUD.

(1 edit)

Hey Wolfe! I was wondering if you’re gonna be releasing the source code for the vehicle physics. I would love to use it in my own prototypes. If you could open source it, that’d be great, but if you want to strike up a licensing kind of situation, let me know as well.

Please contact me! Contact information can be found on my website (https://bram.dingelstad.works )

Hi! I have sent an email.

Thank you!

Hi, I am also really interested in taking a peek at the simulation code, it looks great! I have been trying to do something like it, but I can't get something stable. Please contact me on mikkel (at) holmerp.dk .


Sure! It does not have to be this formal, as I have shared a thread with an outline of the simulation setup and some source code, as well as resources I've used. :)  This is the link I sent to Bram.



Very good physics


This is pretty cool