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Can you use a steering wheel to play the game, like a thrustmaster or logitech wheel

Unfortunately, the game engine I am learning does not yet offer proper force feedback wheel support. The device should still be recognized, but there is no FFB and some buttons may not register (making H-shifting unavailable yet).

Be sure to adjust the control settings for wheel input, as they are set up for an analog stick by default. Recommended:

Steer Rate = 1.0

Self Align = 0.0

Speed Assist = 0.0

Steer Curve = 0.0

are there any mods?

would love some, like police ai, other cars and more

(psst if there are any people who can do that, try.)


this looks amazing. its fun to play! i'm excited for more updates.

is this open source?


It's not open source, but I wrote about how it's made here, with links to resources.


Absolutely love this project, glad to see posted development updates, really helps those of us working on our own vehicle chassis'.

i cant get it to work,i looked at controls and am pressing the buttons to go and nothing im just stuck in neutral 


Let's get the straightforward question out of the way first. :)  Did you shift into gear?


i did ,I figured it out though for some reason it thought I was using a controller and i had to change it so it knew i was on a keyboard 

Ah, yes. I set the keyboard driving controls to be player 2 by default, so split screen racing could be ready to go out of the box. Glad you figured it out!


gut sup


Nice physics, you can make it like a sim racing game with the same graphic style, with a lot 80s and 90s car and tracks, more tracks, and optimization.


Thanks! :)  The plan is to take what I've learned here and eventually invest it into a fresh project with a larger scope.

But really needs a lot of optimization


I will do what I can. You can improve the framerate with options in the "Display" panel -- changing the resolution scaling ("3D Scale") helps a lot. It makes the game low-res without affecting the HUD.

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Hey Wolfe! I was wondering if you’re gonna be releasing the source code for the vehicle physics. I would love to use it in my own prototypes. If you could open source it, that’d be great, but if you want to strike up a licensing kind of situation, let me know as well.

Please contact me! Contact information can be found on my website ( )

Hi! I have sent an email.

Thank you!

Hi, I am also really interested in taking a peek at the simulation code, it looks great! I have been trying to do something like it, but I can't get something stable. Please contact me on mikkel (at) .


Sure! It does not have to be this formal, as I have shared a thread with an outline of the simulation setup and some source code, as well as resources I've used. :)  This is the link I sent to Bram.


Very good physics


This is pretty cool